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Bamboo is the investment app trusted as the first step into digital currencies. With only your mobile phone and bank account, you can purchase our digital currency options Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, and Silver. We guide you as you get started on your journey.

About Bamboo

Invest today’s change in tomorrow™

Bamboo investments App
About Bamboo

Bamboo is the investment app for digital currencies that’s so simple, just about anyone can use it.

When it comes to choice, many believe more is best. But in the world of digital currencies, we know simple works better. We’ve made getting started effortless.

Empowering people to invest with confidence, you can ride the wave to independence with us. Bamboo lets you live for today while investing in your tomorrows.

Bamboo investments App

Set yourself up for the long game. Our simple features are built to support you on the journey.

Bamboo gives users a safe environment to invest into digital currencies with confidence. Our range of features have been designed with the user in mind.

Users can invest incrementally over time, building a growing portfolio with round-ups, top-ups, and dollar cost averaging. Live for today while planning for the future.

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Bamboo App starting steps

Bamboo investment App
Step 1

Securely enter your personal details

Enter your personal information including phone number, email, and password to verify you. It’s really that simple.

Step 2

Safely link your preferred bank account

Nominate your preferred bank account to start putting your spare change to work. Personal account information remains private.

Step 3

Simply choose portfolio and feature settings

Select portfolio options from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver Standard. Choose investment amounts and frequency with our app features.

Your future self thanks you!

Bamboo investments App

Review section

Bamboo has helped me build wealth through investments that have massively outperformed the market, especially this year! And I’ve barely done anything since it’s mostly through round up investing.


Bamboo investments App

Capitalise on high returns and growth. You can now invest for the long-term through your SMSF.

Giving you the option of investing your Australian Self Managed Super Fund in cryptocurrency, our automated portfolio management makes it a breeze.

In addition to rounding up your spare change, you can take advantage of Dollar Cost Averaging with larger portions using your SMSF.

Bamboo investments App

An app that lives securely in your back pocket with our ‘closed loop’ banking system.

Partnering with data providers and payment processors, your account is securely managed by industry leading institutions.

Our banking partners provide data feeds and encrypt your bank details so you can access transaction details on the app anywhere, anytime.

Our trusted partners helping keep your investment journey effortless.

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