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Asset Management

Automated or manual rebalance

The Bamboo platform can automatically rebalance your portfolio. This is an advanced method to keep your risk appetite at the wanted levels. Your assets stay secure at all times.

Change target without rebalancing.

Want to accumulate a certain asset over time without affecting your other holdings? Set a portfolio target without rebalancing.

Change target and rebalance.

Rethinking your approach? Rebalance your entire portfolio to your new composition.

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Asset Management

Decide in what direction your portfolio should grow.

With our set target feature we allow you to decide in what direction your portfolio should grow. You can change your targets independently to totally rebalance your portfolio. You can shift your contributions over time if you feel like your next round-up should go all in one direction. When combined with our rebalance feature it becomes the primary way of structuring your portfolio.

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We offer different assets. We offer different assets, with more coming soon. Get started by investing tokenised Gold and Silver as well as the two most popular digital assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum.





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