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Put your spare change to work

Bamboo sync's with your selected bank accounts for transactions. Your transactions are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar, with the spare change put to work in a portfolio of digital assets.

One time setup

Connect your bank and let your everyday purchases turn into long-term investments.

Accelerate your contributions

Want to speed things up? With a simple tap of a button you can add a boost to your standard roundups.

Round up spare change into investments
Your transactions

Turn your everyday purchases into investments

By doing what you do everyday, Bamboo lets you effortlessly put your spare change to work in a range of assets. Investing has never been easier.

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We offer different assets. We offer different assets, with more coming soon. Get started by investing tokenised Gold and Silver as well as the two most popular digital assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum.





Join us. Since our journey started in early 2018, many have joined the Bamboo community.

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