To infinity and beyond

Our Roadmap

Bamboo is a creative, technical start-up that’s driven to make a positive impact on a global scale. What’s your vision for the blockchain?



What’s To Come?

Bamboo is aiming to adopt a fortnightly release cadence. Look out for the following features and enhancements making their way to Bamboo:

  • Instant Top-ups (custom deposit amounts) ✅

  • Waiting-list for outside Australia ✅

  • Automated Withdrawals

  • Push-notifications

  • Referral System

  • Recurring top-ups

  • Support Australian users in reporting their tax positions

  • Portfolio Rebalancing (manual and automatic)

  • Set Targets / Savings Goals

  • Choose a Portfolio

  • Additional Cryptocurrencies

  • Android App

  • And more...