Invest today's change in tomorrow

Effortless Investment

Bamboo is a microinvestments platform that allows anyone to seamlessly purchase digital assets, like Gold and Bitcoin. It's an easy, secure, and effective way to participate in this growing asset class. All you need is a mobile phone and a bank account to get started.

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Your transactions

Put your spare change to work

Bamboo sync's your selected bank accounts for transactions. We then round to the nearest full value and easily invest the spare change from your daily expenses into a diverse portfolio of assets.

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Effortless Investing

A portfolio as individual as you.

Express yourself through your portfolio mix. Bamboo offers a range of investment options, tailored to suit your interests. Choose to invest in the digital assets of your choice, or pick a custom portfolio.

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Asset Management

Instant top-ups.

Microinvestments lets you make regular, small contributions to your portfolio. It is a high impact, low cost way to participate. You're in control at all times: choose the size of investment, and even make one off or scheduled deposits.

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coming soonAsset Management

Automated or Manual rebalance

The Bamboo platform can automatically rebalance your portfolio. This is an advanced method to keep your risk appetite at the wanted levels. Your assets stay secure at all times.

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