Invest in crypto with your SMSF

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Bamboo investments App

Bamboo is an app that lets you invest in cryptocurrency through your SMSF.

Bamboo investments App

Easily diversify your SMSF portfolio into Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can now get started in under 2 minutes.

Giving you the option of investing your Australian Self Managed Super Fund in cryptocurrency, our automated portfolio management makes it a breeze.

In addition to rounding up your spare change, you can take advantage of Dollar Cost Averaging with larger portions using your SMSF.

Our trusted SMSF and technology partners helping keep your investment journey effortless.

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Everything you need to stay in charge of your future, all secured in one place.


We provide the reporting and valuations and for SMSF auditing and compliance purposes. Get exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold or Silver in under 2 minutes. Built-in compliance and reporting mechanisms means a streamlined onboarding process, removing cumbersome KYC requirements.


We know what SMSF auditors are looking for and provide the right reports when you need them. From transaction statements to end of financial year valuations, we keep a track of it all in your report. All in the name of your SMSF, Bamboo makes it easy to buy and sell instantly.


We offer a secure and robust platform to take the complexity out of managing your digital currencies. Conveniently keeping your portfolio all within one place. Make digital assets part of your long-term investment plan with our app. A quick, easy, and safe way to gain exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver, Bamboo is so simple.

Tomorrow’s investment starts today.

We’ve made it possible to invest your SMSF into crypto assets and digital currencies.

Like a lot of people, you might be looking for new ways to get ahead and secure your future. Australian super fund owners can now invest in cryptocurrency through an SMSF. And with Bamboo, it’s never been easier.

Bamboo investments App
Bamboo investments App

Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are leading cryptocurrency assets available to everyday investors.

Visit Bitcoin and Ethereum
Bamboo investments App
Bamboo investments App

Gold and Silver Standard

Gold and Silver are two of the world’s most time-tested precious metals investment options.

Visit Gold and Silver Standard
Bamboo investments App

Learn more about how to gain access to cryptocurrency investments through your SMSF.


Investing so simple you can now sign up through your own SMSF in minutes to gain access to cryptocurrency.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to get your portfolio underway.

All we need from you is:

1. Your Fund Name

2. Trustee Name - Corporate or Individuals

3. BSB and ACC

Bamboo investments App

If you’d like more information on how to sign up with your SMSF, enter your details below and we’ll give you the run down.

Get started in under 2 minutes

Sign up to effortless investing.

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Bamboo App starting steps

Bamboo investment App
Step 1

Securely enter your personal details

Enter your personal information including phone number, email, and password then click on the SMSF sign up option.

Step 2

Safely link your preferred bank account

Enter your SMSF trustee name and fund name, followed by the bank account details attached to the fund.

Step 3

Simply choose portfolio and feature settings

Select portfolio options from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver Standard. Choose investment amounts and frequency with our app features.

Your future self thanks you!

Bamboo investments App

Don’t have an SMSF to access Cryptocurrency? Contact one of our trusted partners.

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