What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a user-focused mobile application that makes the microinvestment into the digital assets effortless. All you need is a mobile phone, a bank account, and a couple of minutes to get started!

How does Bamboo work?

Our core focus is microinvestments, however the Bamboo platform does allow for one-off contributions. As the term suggests, microinvestment is an investment methodology that focuses on regular, small deposits.

What problem does Bamboo aim to solve?

We want to make entry into, and exit from, digital assets simple. You should not need to be an IT genius to invest in digital assets.

What is Bamboo’s vision?

Our vision is to be a leading solution for people to participate in digital asset investment. We want to make it so easy your Grandmother can invest.

Where is Bamboo based?

Bamboo is currently based in Australia, however utilises consultants across the world in America, Europe, and Asia. We believe in the power of people to deliver a truely awesome experience and are prepared to search the globe for the right person.

When will I be able to use the app for my SMSF?

You can download the Bamboo app and sign up with your SMSF.

What is the minimum deposit/withdraw amounts?

Deposit: The minimum Round-up or Top-up (instant) is $50. Maximum investment levels apply and be increased by contacting us at

Withdraw: No minimum withdrawal amount.

BAM Token

What are BAM Tokens?

BAM tokens are a cryptographic ERC20 utility tokens built upon the Ethereum blockchain. BAM tokens are required to get the full benefit of the Bamboo platform because they are used in the calculation, payment and settlement of membership fees for your investment into cryptographic assets on the Bamboo platform.

How are fees calculated in BAM?

The value of the fees (see "Fees") is settled in BAM at the prevailing market rate at the time. If no market rate can be established, a fixed rate of USD 0.15 (AUD ~0.20) will be used. The fixed rate may change.

How do I obtain BAM tokens?

You don’t need to worry about the purchase, acquisition or transfer of BAM tokens because the Bamboo platform will automatically settle in BAM on your behalf (e.g. against an outstanding fee balance on the platform). This is the default option.

If you are an existing BAM token holder, you can bring these tokens to the platform directly as well.

How do I bring BAM tokens to the platform?

You can bring BAM tokens to the platform at any time. Once you have set up a Bamboo account, we generate a unique address on the Ethereum blockchain to which you can send BAM.

Note: At this time, once BAM tokens are deposited on the Bamboo platform they can only be removed by filing a direct request with our customer support team.

How to use

How long does it take for my investment to be made?

There are three types of investments that you can make.

  1. Top-Up - your investment is instant and we deduct the funds from your bank account. This will take a couple of days for the funds to cleared in Bamboo's bank account to settle this.
  2. Round-Up - once your round-up calculator reaches $50 a payment will be triggered from your bank account. This amount is rarely $50 exactly as transaction details are provided by your bank in batches. When this payment clears in Bamboo's bank account we instantly invest for you. This typically takes 2-3 business days. If a payment is declined, it is retried until the payment is completed.
  3. Recurring - recurring payments operate the same as a round-up. When the funds clear in Bamboo's bank account the investment is acquired immediately for you. Again, this typically takes 2-3 business days.

What is the cost of using Bamboo?

Australian Jurisdiction Our fee structure is simple. A deposit/withdraw flat fee applies when the amount is:* less than or equal to $100, the fee is $1.49.* more than $100 but less than or equal to $250, the fee is $2.49.* more than $250 but less than or equal to $500, the fee is $3.99* more than $500, the fee is 0.8%.All fees are inclusive of GST.

I would like to know more about how the fees work.

Deposit / withdraw flat fees are collected at time of deposit/withdraw and are to cover the exchange and payment provider costs.


What if my question is still unanswered?

No worries! You can directly contact via email at