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Fill your pockets by simply sharing a product you love.

Get rewarded for referring our app to new users.

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01 Apply

Introduce yourself.

We’d like to get to know you.

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02 Promote

We’ll get you the code.

You share it with the world.

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03 Earn

Bring a friend.

Earn a buck.Make it $20.

Become a partner

Give your friend their first tip toe into crypto

Bamboo investments App
What you get (as our partner)

If you already know your way around socials, here's an easy way to make $20.

Make the most of your growing network by earning for every new user you bring to the table.

Bamboo investments App
What you give (to your friend)

Give your friend their first tip toe into crypto with a $10 investment, on us.

We'll credit you both when your friend successfully signs up and makes their first investment. It’s that simple.

Join a growing community of like-minded partners.

Become a partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the affiliate partner commission structure?

For every user that signs up with your affiliate code, we pay you $20!

How often do I get paid?

We pay commission to our affiliate partners on a monthly basis.

Do I get paid out in to my Bamboo account or my bank account?

Affiliates get paid there commission into their desired bank account.

How can I track my results?

Our in house Manager of the Partner program can manually update you throughout the month if you would like an update. Otherwise you'll get your results on a monthly basis.

What's the best way to share my code?

You're the expert here! We've seen the best success for our Affiliate Partner by them consistently sharing on the platform they feel is best suited to their audience receiving the message.

How long is my code valid for?

We believe the most fruitful partnerships are the ones that get better and better as time goes on. There is no time cap, or time limit to your code.

Bamboo investments App

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