Bamboo investments App
Bamboo investments App
Bamboo investments App

Set yourself up for the long game. We’ll support you on the journey.

Bamboo investments App

Put your spare change to work with automated transactions. Set and forget your investments.

Bamboo investments App

Take advantage of the market with regular top-ups. Choose the size and timing of your investments.

Bamboo investments App

Customise your portfolio with one as individual as you. Investing in yourself has never been easier.

Bamboo investments App
Dollar Cost Averaging

Never miss an opportunity. Spread your investment to always be in the market when it counts.

Bamboo investments App
BAM Rewards NEW

Compound your returns; earn rewards on cryptocurrency. Don’t miss out by leaving it in the piggy bank.

Bamboo investments App

Restructure the composition of your portfolio. Finding the right balance has never been easier.

Bamboo investments App

Capitalise on high returns and growth. You can now invest for the long-term through your SMSF.

Bamboo investments App

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Bamboo App starting steps

Bamboo investment App
Step 1

Create your new Bamboo account

Enter some personal information including your phone number and email.

Step 2

Securely link Bamboo with your bank

Select your preferred bank account to invest from.

Step 3

Choose your portfolio mix

Decide how and when Bamboo should invest across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver Standard.

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