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How to Find Reliable Crypto Information

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Elliott Lyons
Elliott Lyons

It's Monday and that means the latest instalment of our podcast Crypto Curious.

In this episode, your hosts Tracey, Blake and Craig talk about where to find the most reliable crypto information. From websites and apps to books and videos, we explore all the resources available for budding crypto enthusiasts to get the most up-to-date info.

Blake kicks off this episode by giving us his advice on where to find good crypto information, including popular news website Cointelegraph and the weekly podcast UpOnly. Craig gives us the lowdown on Crypto Twitter (CT), a nondescript and ever-changing collection of popular Twitter accounts that define the scene. CT is infamous within the crypto sector, and although it can get emotionally charged at times, it’s still one of the best sources for breaking crypto news. For newcomes to the scene, Tracey cites the Youtube channel Coin Bureau as great source of basic info with easy-to-understand videos and podcasts.

There’s also a wide variety of tools, apps, books and videos available to get a fully comprehensive view of what’s happening in the world of crypto. Sites like Lunarcrush collate information from Twitter, Reddit, and Google to pinpoint the most promising upcoming coins, while more complex websites like Messari provide users with a data-driven approach to analytics and research. Nansen is a site the provides on-chain wallet profiling of crypto’s biggest whales, giving you insider info on what's worth buying so you can copy-trade the top investors. The website Glassnode takes advantage of the transparent nature of blockchain technology to provide you with in-depth data analytics from a wide range of crypto projects.

As if the Internet was not enough, there is also a treasure trove of books, movies and courses available for those that need further education. From introductory books like ‘Cryptocurrency - The Future of Money” to the Saifedean Ammous’ seminal tome “The Bitcoin Standard”, the hosts discuss the best of the best when it comes to books on crypto. Craig also mentions a few of his favourite crypto-based movies while the others discuss some of the most popular crypto training courses on offer.

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