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The Ukrainian Sunflower

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Elliott Lyons
Elliott Lyons

It’s with great pride that we report today on an extracurricular, philanthropic creative endeavour by our designer, Sarah Louise Kinsella. Featured on our Meet the Team yesterday (read here), Sarah combined her creative prowess across design and photography to produce a limited edition poster. Paying homage to her ties both professionally with Ukrainian colleagues and personally through her Polish-born partner, all revenue from print sales will be donated to charities supporting Ukraine. An incredible initiative that we're honoured to share on her behalf.

Ukrainian Sunflower Project Fundraiser

The ongoing tragedy in Ukraine has shaken the lives of so many around the world, and continues to feel close to home here in Australia. ‘Ukraine Sunflower’ is a poster print in the name of hope, as well as an avenue for contribution to the Ukrainian people and their nation at this challenging time.

The poster design is inspired by the recent footage of a Ukrainian lady offering sunflower seeds to a Russian soldier to plant life after death – “Put sunflower seeds in your pocket so they grow when you die.” Symbolic on many fronts, the split sunflower symbolises the period of denuclearisation in Ukraine from 1996 to resistance in 2022.

The print itself was the product of one day’s creation time in the studio. With meaning weaved through all elements of the poster, the font used is by designer Andriy Konstantynov. Polarising in itself, Konstantynov is Russia born, currently residing in Ukraine. Running in an archival limited edition of 100, all revenue generated from the sale will be donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action and UNICEF (for displaced children) to bring continued and much needed financial aid to their people.

For any questions or enquiries please contact Sarah,
To support the cause, you can purchase a print here and anyone hoping to follow her work can do so here.

While we’re grateful to have people like Sarah using their skills and platform to bring awareness and financial aid to Ukraine, our thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with the people of the Ukraine at this time, especially our Ukrainian colleagues who bravely held their ground and have continued to work throughout the war.

Our hope is that it’s only a matter of time until sunflowers are again planted across the nation to represent the end of the traumatic combat happening across Ukraine at the time of publishing this article.

Slava Ukraini.

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