Bamboo investments App
Bamboo investments App
Bamboo investments App

Invest today’s change in tomorrow™

Digital currencies

Digital currencies are confusing enough. We’ve made it effortless, empowering our users to take the first step with confidence. Because digital currency should be part of everyone’s daily lives. Secure your future; Invest today’s change in tomorrow™.

Bamboo investments App

Transact with ease.

Bamboo investments App

Invest with confidence.

Bamboo investments App

Ride the wave.

Bamboo investments App

Escape the confusion.

Bamboo investments App

Own your future.

Bamboo investments App

We’re the trusted first step to access digital currencies. We guide you as you get started on your investment journey.

Bamboo is the savings app that's so simple, just about anyone can use it.

We've made it easy to put small investments into cryptocurrency and precious metals.

Start your investment journey in minutes.

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Get started with confidence and convenience.

Take your first steps with confidence using our range of custom features. We’ve designed our app so you have freedom of choice without the guesswork. It’s that simple.

Bamboo investments App


Put your spare change to work with automated transactions. Set and forget your investments.

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Bamboo investments App


Take advantage of the market with regular top-ups. Choose the size and timing of your investments.

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Bamboo investments App


Customise your portfolio with one as individual as you. Investing in yourself has never been easier.

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Bamboo investments App

Dollar Cost Averaging

Never miss an opportunity. Spread your investment to always be in the market when it counts.

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Bamboo investments App


Restructure the composition of your portfolio. Finding the right balance has never been easier.

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Bamboo investments App

Join the growing waitlist to effortless investing. Coming soon to 🇺🇸 USA.

Start your investment journey in minutes

Sign up to effortless investing.

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Bamboo App starting steps

Bamboo investment App
Step 1

Create your new Bamboo account

Enter some personal information including your phone number and email.

Step 2

Securely link Bamboo with your bank

Select your preferred bank account to invest from.

Step 3

Choose your portfolio mix

Decide how and when Bamboo should invest across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver Standard.

Download the app and start your investment journey today.

Bamboo investments App

I never invest more than I can afford to lose, but I love the fact I can just “set & forget”, and carry on with life without worrying what the daily price action is. Bamboo is my security savings plan.


Bamboo investment iOS AppBamboo investment Android App
Bamboo investments App

We empower our users to invest with ease, supporting them on the journey.

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