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Goodbye Piggy Banks, Hello Crypto: The New Wave of Micro-Investing

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Tracey Plowman
Tracey Plowman

Hey there, aspiring Investors! Ready to jump into the investment world but think it's just for the big spenders? We're here to flip that script. Welcome to our community, where we make investing in cryptocurrency as simple and easy as your morning cup of coffee.

So What Actually is Bamboo?:

First and foremost, Bamboo is an app, designed to take your spare change and invest it into 2 types of crypto - Bitcoin & Ethereum & 2 precious metals - gold & silver. You link the app to your account of choice, and each time you tap, the ‘round-up’ to nearest $0.10c gets added to your monthly accruals. These round-ups are then spread across your portfolio (that’s right, you have a portfolio now!!). Essentially; you get to live your life & ‘set & forget’ invest at the same time using only small change. It’s called #microinvesting. There are many additional features such as Top Ups, our investment strategy of choice Dollar Cost Averaging and Bam Rewards to get your head around too - but that’s for another day.

Micro-Investing Meets the Crypto World:

Our platform is where micro-investing meets the vibrant world of cryptocurrency. Unlike stocks, bonds or even self managed super funds (although, did you know you can easily diversify your fund’s investment strategy and your SMSF portfolio into Bitcoin and Ethereum?), you don't need a fortune to begin. Bamboo is for anyone who just wants to start doing something regardless of financial stature. Consider us a humble story starter of how your journey to financial empowerment started with just your spare change. 

The Story of a Modern Investor:

Meet Charlie, a typical user who found a new way to invest through our app. "I never thought I could get involved in the crypto space so easily," he shares. Starting with a user-friendly crypto portfolio, he was able to seamlessly integrate this new stratergy into his daily routine. For him, the app was a gateway to the crypto world, offering a hassle-free and enjoyable investing experience (that also meant his coffee addiction was put to equally good use).

Focused Investment in Crypto Titans:

The Bamboo app is dedicated to the titans of the cryptocurrency world: Bitcoin and Ethereum. We may pride ourselves on being the most down to earth app, but we never said that means we scrimp on quality. We believe in offering what we consider the best and safest options in what can be a volatile asset class. By focusing on these 'blue chips' of digital currency, we provide our users with a more secure gateway into the realm of crypto investing. Bitcoin, in particular, stands out as the best-performing asset class over the past 14 years, showcasing its resilience and potential. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned investor, our app guides you smoothly through the exciting journey of investing in these leading cryptocurrencies.

Charlie's Investment Strategy:

Charlie's approach was simple: regular small investments we call Top Ups. Put simply, you add a set amount of your choosing at regular intervals as well as the daily round ups. This strategy proved effective, leading to significant growth over time. "It's about making my money work for me, in ways I never imagined," he says. We mentioned his coffee addiction above, well, if Charlie actually used his $60 per week (that’s 2 shop bought coffees per day) that’s an additional $240 a month he could be adding to Bamboo. Should you tell or should we??

From the Desk of Our CEO, Blake Cassidy:

Our CEO, Blake Cassidy, understands that traditional saving and investing can be challenging. "Our app is designed to simplify investing. It's exciting to see our users, initially doubtful about saving, become enthusiastic about their growing investments in crypto," he says. 

Supporting Education through 'Crypto Curious':

Alongside our app, we support our users' educational journey through our 'Crypto Curious' podcast. As a top-rated podcast in Australia, we bring weekly insights into the crypto and web3 world, complementing the experience gained through the app.

Growing in Confidence and Knowledge:

Our users, like Charlie, don’t just grow their portfolios but also their understanding and confidence in the cryptocurrency world. "The app opened a new realm of financial possibilities for me," Charlie reflects. Importantly; Charlie didn’t want to wait until he was in forties to start building his cryptocurrency portfolio. Bamboo allows you to start investing as soon as you have the spare change available.

What’s next?:

Ready to turn your spare change into a crypto adventure? Join us and be part of the digital financial revolution. And for those eager to dive deeper, our 'Crypto Curious' podcast is there to keep you informed and engaged. Every small step is a leap forward in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency!

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