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One Million Dollars AUM

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Blake Cassidy
Blake Cassidy

We are proud to announce that we have now reached $1 Million AUD assets under management (AUM). This is our first portfolio milestone and we have been able to achieve this growth organically!

Our portfolio is made up of thousands of people who are investing their spare change into digital assets every day. Users have the ability to create portfolios made up of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and / or Silver.

We are seeing week on week increase of user activity, not just made up of recurring round-ups, but also more and more one-off top-ups by people who are taking advantage of market conditions.

Bamboo users have had phenomenal returns this year with year to date (YTD) performance as of 22 October 2020 highlighted below:

Bitcoin. + 67.55%

Ethereum +189.04%

Gold + 25.70%

Silver + 38.56%


Since the recent acquisition of Bamboo, the team is now building a growth and marketing engine to accelerate user acquisition. Over the last month, we have also completed integration with our new Exchange Partner Mine Digital and are offering wholesale pricing to our micro investors. We have also pushed app releases that have been focussed on delivering incremental improvements on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

As well as this, there are some exciting upcoming releases over the next few weeks which include:

  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMFS) account creation which will allow users to have exposure to digital assets in a matter of minutes, not days
  • Increased buy limit upon user request (Max $20,000 per day)
  • Automated Trade Reports with increased detail

Stay tuned, we have many more updates coming. 🚀


You can download the app via PlayStore at the following link while the iOS app can be found here.

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